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Inspired by London and its alluring elegance and breathtaking gracefulness, Silvia Monetti was established in 2010 to tailor to the clothing needs of young women who want to look their best - always!

Based in a small, boutique studio, Simone and Monica endeavour to conjure our exquisite garments of superior quality and refinement.

Each hem, seam and stitch is meticulously devised, measured, and finally sculpted onto every garment to achieve a simplistic yet impactful design that embraces your body and adorns it. All materials are selected from the finest and most arcane markets across Europe.

We are perfectionists, so you can count on us to make sure your dress, blouse, or trousers are absolutely the best they can be! Just check out what all our happy customers are saying on Etsy.

Each piece is freshly handcrafted the instance you order. This allows us to give you the opportunity to customise your order and make it your own. You love the dress but would like it a bit longer? The trousers are perfect but look a bit too tight? Send us a message when you order and we'll tailor the garment for you at no extra charge.

Silvia Monetti garments are created to give you the freedom to get noticed, stand out and be extravagant by seizing the beauty of simplicity.

Simone and Monica x

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